Cuomo wants parts of medical marijuana act implemented ASAP

BREAKING // Cuomo cites three recent deaths of children with epilepsy, who would have benefited from the use of medical marijuana.

Bills may sell for more than $1 billion

Sabres owner Terry Pegula reportedly offered over a billion reasons why he should own the Buffalo Bills.

NY agency advises residents on toxic giant hogweed

Giant hogweed resembles an enormous parsley plant, up to 14 feet tall with 5-foot-wide leaves and bristles on its purple-blotched hollow ste…

Photos: 2014 Niagara County Fair

The Niagara County Fair kicks off Wednesday morning.

Amherst neighbors want trucking company to hit the road

Neighbors argue it's time for Mallare Enterprises' big trucks to hit the road. But the company says, after more than 70 years at its present…

Residents fear health problems from radioactive waste in landfill

The wastes are buried in the soil on about five acres of land at the old Town of Tonawanda landfill off the Youngmann Memorial Highway, I-29…

Tablet manufacturer’s “love affair” with Buffalo

As many as 120 workers and administrators could be hired within a year's time. The goal is produce 80,000 tablets in the first 12 months of …

Schedule: Current and upcoming county fairs in WNY

Look through this photo gallery to get dates for each county fair in the region.

Inmates cultivate flowers for Buffalo neighborhoods

The Alden Correctional Facility and inmates from the Services Action Corps have been cultivating flowers and hanging baskets from seeds.

Amherst Senior Center to host health fair

More than 85 health vendors, with many services and screenings offered free of charge, will be taking place from 9 a.m. until noon.

Survey: US companies add 218,000 jobs in July

A private survey shows that businesses hired at a healthy pace in July, though the job gains slowed from the previous month.

What’s a group selfie? Usie (pronounced uss-ee)

The word — sometimes spelled usie, sometimes ussie — has been showing up in written material since at least April 2013.

New York officials seek help counting wild turkeys

New York environmental officials are seeking help counting wild turkeys this summer.

Summer tradition kicks off in Niagara County

Just like last year, about 33,000 people are expected to check out all the animals, food and fun rides at the Niagara County Fair.

Milder temperatures right around the corner

Latest 4 Warn Weather Forecast: With the unsettled pattern still in place we will dodge a few showers today along with a few isolated t-stor…

NY Post: Pegula bids more than $1B for Bills

The NY Post is reporting that the Pegulas did make a bid for the team on Tuesday, and that they bid more than $1 billion for the Buffalo Bil…

Interim superintendent takes questions from parents

Right away, Oglivie plans to fill vacant positions. He also wants to attract and keep students through graduation, make it a delightful atmo…

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